Beam & Post Houses

Transversal beams, combined like a cross, exposed. Rustic wood posts manually jointed. These are still the most elegant and imposing wood structures.

From hundreds of years these beam and post constructions were used to make special and original houses. Even today there are many people that prefer the unique look of these houses.

All wooden frames are manually jointed in order to respect the projections requests. It is a pleasure for us to collaborate with our clients just to be sure that all details - from designing to completion - are exactly the wished ones.

The beam and post houses can be made in two ways:

1. Beam and post made and manually jointed. With this kind of construction you can easily feel the welcoming warm of a log home without log walls. Rustic combined, the beam and post could give your house a veritable mountain style.

2. Beam and post processed on machines. This kind of constructions are draw with accuracy, cut, assembled and connected using modern versions of "knot and whole" technology.

These two types are very much alike as structure. Choosing from the two depends on your personal style - you could choose the handy made logs for a rustic look of the house or you could choose the wood beams processed on machines for a more refined taste and emotion.