Operativ Construct started the business at the beginning of 2003.

Our projects are based on residential and commercial structures of all kinds, from simple constructions to impressive wood structures.

Operativ Construct has a reputation for executing high quality projects. Our priorities are our services and their quality. This is realised by using our experience in selecting and preparing the wood and we are also using the best design software and professional equipments.

Here at Operativ Construct we are passionate of our work. We want to offer our clients:

  1. qualified personnel
  2. attention for details
  3. remarkable quality
  4. exceptional value


Operativ Construct is located in a mountain area, with Certified Wood Forests, which allow us to choose superior quality wood, in order to make exceptional wood structures at reasonable prices.
Logs are selected and then stored in free air to allow them to naturally dry.
From our wood stock we can select the needed pieces for each project. We are also able to quickly and efficiently react at any modification in the production process. Our goal is to offer our clients effective and easy mountable structures on their own land, without any special equipment.


Operativ Construct team is made by creative, skilled and hardworking people, which have as primary objective to offer you, our client, a wood structure - a house with a timeless design for an efficient price.
You may well see the pride we take in the quality of our products.


We are very responsible with the environment. The wood is cut from woods that are silvic guard managarised, with an european certify and we always make sure that the forest ecosytems should maintain their biodiversity, regeneration and vitality.


Plans and Design
We are offering architectural plans and projects for all kind of constructions.
We are using powerfull software, with over 25 years of experience in design (SEMA SOFT, ARCHICAD) to assure the elegance, the integrity and the accuracy of each wooden frame.
We are also delighted to work with your own architect if this will be your option.

Operativ Construct offers you a free estimation service. All you have to do is to send us your house plans.

Production process
For Timber frame, post and beams: the production involve processing of the wood on machines like Woodmizer frame, drying it in DeNardi Wood Dryers, automated solid wood processing with Weinig machine, joining and profiling of the elements on automatic Hundegger K2 lines and wall assembling.

For the log homes we skillfull hands of handicraftsmen.