Log Houses

The difference between log houses and houses made on machines is that the log is cut by handy hands of wood artists, who have to cut with precision and to fit each piece in conformity with the shape of the previous elements.

imbinare case busteniEach piece of a log house is an unique element and the houses will never look alike. In order to build a log house time and skills are needed and knowing all of the wood's characteristic features. Also, the ability of carefully matching all elements together so that technical conditions are fulfilled is required, so that, in the end, the final look and feeling of the construction should be enjoyable and should denote refinement and stability.

In conclusion these houses express the personality and the skills of those who have designed them and who have brought them to live, the vitality of carpathian forests.

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  • Wood houses are considered healthy for the human body. It is recommended that the bedrooms to be built by wood for the human organism to be relaxed during sleeping.
  • They keep warm in the winter and cold in the summer, due to the fact that wood is a great home insulation.
  • They can be assembled in some areas where a classic house would not get the approval to be placed, because log homes are ecological.
  • By building these houses you are free of the stress of organizing and supervising a construction on your lot.
  • You won't have any problems with the trash and you'll keep your lot clean.
  • They are easily assembled in the areas where classic houses are difficult to be built.
  • They can be re-assembled on other place if needed.
  • They are much easier to be maintained and do not need any further renovations.
  • The price - quality relation is very worthwhile.
  • Earthquake resistance.

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Log Houses Architectural Designing

We are offering the architectural designing for all kind of constructions. We are using powerful software, with over 25 years of experience in design (SEMA SOFT, ARCHICAD) to assure the elegance, the integrity and the accuracy of each wooden frame. We are also delighted to work with your own architect if this will be your option.

If you have or don't have a plan, please come to us and we can offer you suggestions, plans, implementation and assembling. With us you are free of the stress of classic cement buildings, sand, lime and lots of dust, please feel free to choose an ecological and comfortable solution!

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