Wood Houses Design Consultancy

Each project brings in the foreground the reflection, the personality and the lifestyle of the owner.

This is why the project of your house must represents you, so that you’ll feel pleased while living there. For this we suggest you to imagine your dream house.

If you already have it in your thoughts, please draw a sketch which will help us to plan it. If you don’t have it yet, you can ask us for help and we can suggest you some ideas.

But for drawing the draft it would be good to follow these steps:

1. To analyze the land/lot where you will place the house.
If you don't have the land yet and you're dreaming at a certain house, we advise you to look for the perfect land for your desired construction.

2. To establish the position from where the sun is rising and sets.

3. Think of the spaces you will use in the morning (maybe you would want a sunshine place or maybe not), in the afternoon and of course, a place from where you could admire a sunset.

For instance, if in the morning you use to take breakfast in the kitchen we would recommend you to place the house with the windows on Est and South, to catch as much sun as you could and enjoy yourself. If the rest of the day you will spend it in the living, you should place it South-West with big windows.

4. Always look for an open and lightfull space in front of your house, which will reveal the beauty of your construction.

5. Don't forget to harmonize the construction with the area and landscape around.

Once all these problems were solved please contact us and your dream will become reality.